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 Exterior Painting Experts

 Honor Roll Painting follows a standard procedure for exterior painting. We are committed to delivering high-grade paint jobs that pass the test of time. 

Exterior residential home paint job.

 Clean Surface Area 

 Honor Roll Painting will pressure wash the exterior of your home with a mildewcide to remove any dirt, debris, cobwebs, mildew, moss, or loose paint.

 Exterior Home Painting in Lacey, WA

 Prep Surface Area 

 Honor Roll Painting will prep all areas needed for your home by scraping, sanding, caulking, and priming.

Exterior paint job completed by Honor Roll Painting on 6_1_23

 Paint Surface Area 

Honor Roll Painting will apply two coats of 100% acrylic latex paint to all areas of the home. Honor Roll Painting uses industry-leading high-grade paint with a lifetime warranty. 

"Extremely happy with the job done by Honor Roll Painting. Josh responded quickly to my request for service...I highly recommend Honor Roll Painting for anyone in need of painting services."  

Martin Gentry 

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