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Healthy & Happy Painters

Updated: Feb 16

Painting has many physical and mental health benefits. You may be surprised to get a good workout while painting the interior or exterior of your home, read more…

The average person weighing 175 lbs will burn between 154-429 calories per hour while painting a house. The total calories burned depends on your weight and the intensity of the specific painting activity. For instance, painting interior walls for 60 minutes will burn an average of 283 calories per hour. This does not include moving furniture. Painting the exterior walls of your home for 60 minutes will burn a whopping 429 calories per hour. This does not include moving ladders. House painting increases your heart rate and burns a significant number of calories. You are also strengthening the core muscles that are engaged while painting. Therefore, painting is an excellent way to burn calories and keep your body fit.

Benefits Of Residential Home Painting.

Movement- Painting the interior or exterior of your home requires a lot of movement. Painting a room in your home involves bending over, standing, climbing, sitting, squatting, and carrying paint buckets. This is repeated until each room is complete. If you have ever painted your home, then you may recall some crazy positions required to try and get the job done. This is why yoga practice is highly recommended for professional painters. It is always necessary to stretch your body before doing any physical activity, especially painting your home. Research shows that when we exercise, blood pressure and blood flow increase everywhere in the body, including the brain. More blood results in increased energy and oxygen, which makes our brains perform better. Thus, movement increases energy, reduces stress, and calms the mind and body.

Leg & Arm Workout- when painting your home, your legs and arms are in constant motion. You will experience slow movements when cutting in a ceiling (lid) or trim piece and fast movements when rolling up and down. In the painting industry, many painters have an exaggerated bicep referred to as the ”Painters Arm”. Thus, painting is an activity with many strength benefits that will help keep you lean and muscular. (Picture of my "painter arm" on 1/7/23).

Conclusion- If you are an artist, a professional house painter, or just painting for fun, painting is a creative way to burn some calories and get some good exercise. Turn the walls of your home into a canvas and get creative! If you need any painting tips, expert advice, or help with a painting project, then give us a call, we love to paint. There are many excellent benefits to painting, especially if it is a profession. If you would like to join the Honor Roll Painting Team, then please contact us we are searching for talented individuals. We are proudly an equal-opportunity employer. Therefore, Honor Roll Painting has a team of physically and mentally fit professional home painters who care.

Cheers & Happy Painting.

Josh Moore- MBA., Honor Roll Painting.

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