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Exterior Painting Color Tips To Try On Your Home

Updated: Jul 11

Exterior Painting Color Tips To Try On Your Home

If you live in a neighborhood, pick a paint color scheme that complements the neighboring homes. I recommend looking around the adjacent houses and choosing a color that complements the neighborhood. This will add curb appeal to your home and the neighborhood. Always follow HOA guidelines concerning paint color schemes & check with your HOA for approval before changing your color scheme.

Next, look at the style of your home and consider a color scheme that complements the architecture. When choosing a new color for your home, look at the fixed element colors like the roof, windows, masonry, and landscaping. For instance, chocolate brown may complement the scenery nicely if you have a lush green landscaped yard. Color schemes that match the surrounding stone and earth can make your exterior paint job blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment instead of standing out.

If you want a bold new color for your home in 2023, then consider dark blue. A recent James Hardie survey (hardy board siding) has dark blue as the most popular choice for homeowners this year.

Choose white, beige, and grey if you want to sell your home. These colors are timeless, welcoming, and bright. Home buyers will see a clean slate to put their personal stamp on. White and off-whites continue to hold the highest resale value.

Last but not least is the paint sheen. Houses are just like cars. The higher the sheen, the more blemishes will show. One misconception is that flat paint is less durable and easy to wash than satin or semi-gloss paint. This is no longer true. The industry-leading flat paint is as durable and easy to wash as the industry-leading satin or semi-gloss paint. Flat paint hides blemishes and is not as shiny. Satin or Semi-gloss sheens show more blemishes on the siding but look new and shiny. Both are durable and easy to wash if you use Emerald or Aura Paint. Thus, if your home’s siding is in good shape, then go with a satin on the body and a semi-gloss for the trim. I like to paint the front door with a gloss enamel accent color. These tips will surely make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Josh Moore, MBA. Honor Roll Painting

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