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Exterior Home Painting Tips.

Are you considering having your home painted?

Exterior home painting will not only protect your investment and save you thousands of dollars in the long run, but it will also give your home an updated look making your home and neighborhood appealing. If you wait 20 years to have the outside of your house painted, then some siding or trim may need to be replaced, costing you money. We recommend replacing rotten or damaged siding, trim, or facia boards before painting. Thus, below are a few tips on exterior painting and upkeep.

I recommend having your home painted every seven to ten years. A homeowner DIYer will want to paint one side of the house every two years, starting with the worst side. The best time to have the exterior of your home painted in Lacey, Washington, is from the 5th of July until Labor Day, September 4th. When painting the exterior of your home, always apply two coats according to the paint manufactures specifications. Applying two coats will keep your home looking fresh for many years, saving you money over applying just one coat more frequently. Never use cheap paint from Home Depot or Lowes! This is one of the most common mistakes homeowners and bad painters will make when painting a home’s exterior. When it comes to buying paint, you get what you pay for. Go to a paint store and spend the extra money when purchasing paint. You will get better advice, products, and service. I recommend visiting your local, privately owned paint store and meeting a professional painting sales manager.

After cleaning your home, you can repaint directly over the existing paint. However, this is only when the siding and original paint are in good condition with no peeling or flaking paint. When the siding is peeling, use a Peel Bond primer. Then, scrape again, and sand all areas needed. We recommend using 100% acrylic latex paint in most cases. If your home has previously stained siding, then I recommend using a waterborne stain. The industry-leading latex paints are self-priming, so no additional primer besides peel bond is needed in most cases.

Caulk all areas of the home that have previously been caulked. If it’s been caulked before, then caulk it. If it has never been caulked, then do not caulk it. Use a flexible, paintable, lifetime warranty caulk. We like to use Dap acrylic latex caulk plus silicone—an advanced exterior sealant with all-weather protection and a lifetime warranty. If there is old, cracked, or peeling caulking, then remove the old caulking before applying the new caulk. Otherwise, if the caulking is in good condition, apply a smooth bead over all needed areas. The best way to caulk is to cut a small hole in the tube and use as little as possible. We keep a bucket of water and a rag handy to wipe off excessive caulk and keep our hands, clothes, and equipment clean.

If your home is very tall, then consider scaffolding, especially if you are uncomfortable with heights. When using a ladder, then use a bucket hook to secure your paint bucket and brush. Also, consider that when you paint on a ladder, only one hand or no hands may be holding onto the ladder. Ensure you are sure-footed and confident when climbing to the top of a 28ft extension ladder. A quality ladder may be purchased at Lowes or Home Depot.

Only worry about lead-based paint if your home was painted before 1978. You may purchase a lead paint test kit at Home Depot or Lowes for around 12 dollars. If lead is in the paint, contact Honor Roll Painting or a certified lead paint specialist to have the home painted. We are exterior painting experts certified and experienced in dealing with lead paint. A side note: A homeowner may scrape and sand lead paint on their home by law.

After your home has a beautiful new paint job, we recommend cleaning it once or twice a year, depending on how much weather it receives. This is accomplished by rising off your home’s siding with a garden house; medium bristled brush, and house wash. Use a non-toxic house wash, or you may kill your flowers and plants next to the house. Keep plant matter from growing on your home’s siding, including mildew. Most high-grade exterior paints will have a mildewcide inhibitor in the paint. Therefore, some easy exterior home maintenance will keep your new paint job looking fresh for many years to come.

Having the exterior of your home painted is a great way to boost curb appeal and buyer interest. Evidence suggests that over 85% of home buyers are likelier to view a house with a fresh paint job. If you are looking for a high-grade exterior home paint job or know anyone in your neighborhood needing an exterior paint job, call us. We are exterior home painting experts. Enjoy our excellent service and the peace of mind that comes with using an expert who delivers high-grade, hassle-free paint jobs.

We take the pain out of painting.

Josh Moore, MBA.- Honor Roll Painting – “high-grade.”

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